September 4, 2008

Smokers and Evolution Week

This week at sweet ol' Appalachian State I've been having a hard time with people on campus. The best way to describe my problem is the fact that I am allergic to cigarette smoke and people here love to smoke their evil sticks of death. Appalachian State decide to make a 50 feet rule: You cannot smoke within 50 feet of any building. Well...thats not happening at all. People smoke right next to the doors of buildings...and they, quite frankly, don't care if you inhale their smoke. I try not to breathe it in, but because I am human I have to inhale at some point, and that point seems to happen whenever the person in front of me randomly decides to pull out their cigarette and light it up. I don't mean to complain by any means, but last year I had at least two sinus infections and pneumonia from trying to avoid smokers. I really don't want to miss another week of school due to someone else's decision to light up where they shouldn't. 

It really depresses me to know that this world gives rights to people that want to kill themselves slowly publicly and innocent people around them...and don't give the right to the non-smokers to have fresh air and the ability to live healthy smoke-free lives. Instead this world is corrupted with death. Its so sad. It makes me want to join God in his perfect heaven even more where we don't have to worry about breathing.

Also, this week my classes (Geology and World Civilization) were centered around learning about evolution. I don't want to hear it anymore. I was required to read about evolution in two of my textbooks, and I didn't. I don't feel I should have to hear about it. That should not be required reading or learning. We had to watch a video in Geology on Tuesday about "the creation of the Earth" and fill out a worksheet that went along with it. I was so tempted to just write down "God" for every answer and turn it in.....but I realized that I had to have patience with this world...and...that I would have failed the assignment. 

Please pray for my patience and for ears to hear...and for my mouth to be shut instead of yelling out my anger with the ignorant world.

God should be glorified properly. So I decided to take pictures of GOD's creation. This world is so intricate...evolution is impossible. We humans are so complex...this world is complex let alone how many species of flowers there are. To God be the glory, forever and ever. Amen.


Lisa Roszler said...

Wow, what beautiful flower pictures! Your great-grandmother (Granna) used to take close-ups of flowers like that with her camera (your old camera!). She would have loved to know that you are following in her footsteps!

And I know what you mean about smokers. I think they should be banned from smoking in public AT ALL! :)

Love ya,

Anonymous said...

May God grant you patience and a gospel witness.

Soli Deo Gloria