October 21, 2008

Guess what!?!

Oh guess what!? This is so awesome!

A couple of days after I wrote the previous blog, I went to check my email and found a message saying that my financial aid had changed and it included where to find the changes...I went to see and found that I had received a random grant (meaning I don't have to pay it back) from the government that exceeded what I needed for school so they refunded it to me.

I was shocked beyond belief! A RANDOM GRANT was rewarded to me...and the catch is that they posted the money the same exact day that I wrote the blog before this one. The day I had posted on the blessing God gave me...God gave me enough money to pay off fully one of my credit cards which was almost all of the cost of the camera, just shy of $200 less than the full cost. 

IT WAS AMAZING! I checked my email the same day that the check was placed into my ASU mailbox. You bet I celebrated again for the blessing God gave me. I treated my closest friends to Papa Johns pizza and jumped up and down for awhile and no one could wipe the smile on my face for hours or fade the joy written on my heart.

Thank you, Lord for blessing me and for taking care of me when I least expect it.

Smile today! God will surely bless you with a happy heart.

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Adam said...

That's wonderful : ) On Sunday I had the worst day yet so far in Tokyo, and it seemed the weather changed that day with my mood. I felt like crying and slept a lot all day... I don't even know why. On Monday I was trying to think of ways to be happy and help others... so now thanks for the advise! How simple it is just to smile : ) God blesses those with grateful hearts!