July 5, 2008

God is good minus an "O"

God is so good! Let me tell you why...
Near the end of my senior year of high school God made it apparent that I was to be a photographer. Before I knew, I thought I was going to attend a private southern ivy-league college to study memory science. But, He wants me to show the world my view of their troubles and the hope I had found in the midst of chaos through photography. But...Photography is a very competitive field and if you know me then you know that I'm not aggressive at all unless I absolutely positively have to be, so I knew I'd either have to gain confidence or let God take care of it. But, giving up control is not an easy thing for me either. I'm still learning to hand it over.
He definitely has taken care of me, for God is the ultimate provider. I was eligible for the work-study program at Appalachian State which gives $1,800 toward my tuition and an hourly pay. I signed up for it not knowing what it would be like. I went to my first day of work and found out God had placed me under the University Photographer's care. I was to get paid to soak up his knowledge and learn skills my fellow photography majors weren't going to know for a few more semesters. In return, I would have the opportunity to make connections with people already successful in the business and gain the confidence I needed. So, you see! God is so good. I know for sure that He wants me to be a photographer and attend Appalachian State.
Praise Him! 
(I took this photo on one of my last days of work)

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