July 24, 2008

Dog Days of Summer

Literally. For 10 days, I'm taking care of my best friend's dog at their house. For 5 of those days I'll also take care of their neighbors' 2 dogs. So all my time is spent taking care of these dogs, well not all of the time. There's a bunch of watching TV, eating my favorite foods, taking pictures, and random cleaning. So, its not so bad. 

I got some cool pictures this morning with the sun rising and the wet dew on the grass. The dog did not want to walk in the wet grass...not even to go to the bathroom. So, as I was standing outside waiting for her to walk into the grass....I saw the light coming through the leaves of the trees I thought were going to crash down on me a couple nights before. But they were sturdy and secure. God is the one who secures our roots, and we should in return light up with his love so that all may see. Not many people notice the light coming through leaves or the dew lighting up on the ground. So, tomorrow morning look for the beauty of God's light and it should make you smile like it made me.

1 comment:

Lisa Roszler said...

Hey, kid, those pics are beeeautiful! I see your light! Shine on!