July 9, 2008

Codie the miracle kitten

Not many people know the story of Codie, my precious cat. She was born nearly 5 years years ago (September) with 4 other kittens. She is the only one that survived. We had no idea what was wrong with that litter but they all seemed to die off, their mother didn't want to take care of them because she knew there was something wrong with them. But we cared too much to let them go. It got down to Betsy and Codie. While Besty was very weak and her mother had abandoned her, Codie was healthy and her mother fed her regularly. We tried to feed Betsy sugar water and egg yokes as it said to on the internet but during the night she died. She had lived to be 2-3 weeks. Codie was the only one left. 
The kittens' struggle to stay alive reminds me of how we can disappoint God. We struggle with sin, not letting God's love be enough like the sugar water was not enough for Betsy. God holds, feeds and loves us, but it goes unnoticed most of the time. Satan wants us to think God abandons us when we have struggles like the mother cat abandoned her kittens when things got too hard for her. God never abandons us. We must all remember that.  


Rachel Lowman said...

That picture is absolutely beautiful. You have SUCH a gift!! Love you, roomie!! :-)

Lisa Roszler said...

Wow, Sarah, you are right! Those pictures of Codie are high-def! And capture her personality. That's what good photographers do!

Alexandra Leroy said...
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Alexandra Leroy said...

Oh, Sarah, amazing photo! Codie is so cute! You know, she`s has really beautiful eyes!
And i`m sorry about Besty... Pore kitten.